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Welcome Rachel Belmont, Team TSF Coordinator! Rachel is a junior in college studying Health Studies with plans on applying to physical therapy programs this summer. Rachel is an avid runner, but her running journey began on a rough note. In high school, Rachel received a track and cross-country scholarship. In a freak accident, she tore both her ACL and Meniscus – leading her to have three knee surgeries in two years!

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Rachel didn’t let this stop her. Instead it changed her life in an incredible way and led her to marathon running! In 2015, Rachel completed the NYC Marathon and has since completed the 2016 Rock n’ Roll D.C. Marathon, 2016 Philly Marathon, 2017 Queens Marathon, and the 2017 NYC Marathon. She even completed her first ultramarathon, the 2017 50-mile North Face Endurance Challenge this past May!
Rachel’s charitable spirit shines through on the track! Rachel is also involved with Achilles International, an organization where runners can partner with disabled or visually impaired athletes to guide them through a marathon course. She calls this experience “one of the most rewarding of [her] life.”
When Rachel isn’t running, she enjoys traveling the world. Over the summer, she spent 3 months abroad, visiting Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Romania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Next year, she plans to combine her two loves by completing the 2018 Petra Desert Marathon in Jordan. Rachel says, “I hope that by continuing to run marathons, volunteering with charities, and sharing my experiences, I will have an impact on not only the running community, but all people struggling with an injury or other setback.”
Join us in giving Rachel a warm welcome!
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