Be a Voice for Change like Brooke

Brooke, a TSF volunteer, gives back to help women and girls with Turner Syndrome who are struggling like she once did. Read Brooke’s story and be inspired to do your part in changing the lives of the women and girls still going through their own silent struggles.

In honor of the holiday season, many people look for the opportunity to give in order to spread their joy to others. I know I always look forward to giving back to others in anyway I can. As a 21 year old women living with Turner Syndrome I can see the importance of supporting this cause. Turner Syndrome comes with so many medical and emotional obstacles that can be helped by simply spreading information about this condition, donating, and volunteering. 

I was diagnosed with Turner’s when I was 10 years old, and my time in school following my diagnosis until I started college was a struggle. This struggle was both mentally and financially taxing. I was consistently misdiagnosed with issues that stemmed from Turner Syndrome because of lack of knowledge among doctors. Some examples of this misdiagnoses were mostly issues with my ears, celiac disease, hypothyroidism, and overall development. Medications to treat the hypothyroidism and hormone therapy began to add up and cause a financial stress on family in addition to surgeries and examinations on things like my heart and ears.

Although my family was able to come out of our silent struggle, this is rarely the case for many other families who are dealing with a Turner Syndrome diagnosis. Lack of financial aid and knowledge among the public causes lots of anxiety and feelings of isolation among these wonderful girls and their families.

I am working on doing my part to be a voice for these girls to get them the support and recognition we need to gain awareness for this condition. We hope we can count on your help in gaining support and giving a voice to these girls as well.

-Brooke Caron, TSF volunteer

If you, like Brooke, are fortunate to have overcome your hardships consider donating to TSF. Your generosity will provide life-changing resources for the girls and women still finding their way on their Turner Syndrome journey.



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