Stock Contributions

Stock contributions

Stock Contributions to TSF

Giving Stock, Bonds, or ETF Shares To Turner Syndrome Foundation is a smart way to increase your gift – and your tax deduction. When you donate appreciated stock shares that you have owned for at least one year to Turner Syndrome Foundation, you will:

  • Receive full fair market value for your tax receipts
  • Bypass federal capital gains (you will be required to pay capital gains if you sell your stock prior to donating).
  • Make a meaningful gift to Turner Syndrome Foundation to ensure all girls and women with Turner Syndrome receive the care they deserve.
Here’s how it works:

Lets say you bought $500 worth of stock several years ago and that stock is now worth $1,000. You could sell the stock for $1000 and send a check to TSF for $1,000. (Thank you!) When tax time comes around, you will have a charitable deduction of $1,000 but have to pay capital gains tax on the $500 gain. At 20% this would be $100.

If, however, you donate the stock directly to TSF, the IRS still gives you the charitable deduction of $1000 but there is no tax on the gain. So you saved $100 on your donation!

Give smart and from the heart by donating stock to Turner Syndrome Foundation today! Learn more at


Turner Syndrome Foundation

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