In-kind donations: multiply your impact!

in-kind donations

In-Kind Donations to Turner Syndrome Foundation

In-kind donations are gifts to charity organizations in the form of goods or services. Examples include clothing, office equipment, gift cards and more. In-kind donations have tax benefits, just like monetary donations.

In-kind donations are a great way to support Turner Syndrome Foundation because they can make a greater impact than an outright donation. For example, a product donation worth $1,000 can be auctioned for much more! Donated goods like office supplies, software, and computer equipment allow TSF to use public donations where they’re needed most – awareness, education, and research of Turner Syndrome!

So what can you do? Speak to your employer and ask if they’d consider making an in-kind donation to support Turner Syndrome Foundation. Businesses love to support causes that their employees believe in – let them know TSF is important to you!

Some items that can greatly benefit TSF include:
  • Gift cards and gift certificates
  • Items for girls and women
  • Computer equipment
  • Office supplies, postage
  • Raffle items
If you or someone you know would like to support TSF with an in-kind donation, please start by filling out the in-kind donation form!


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