A Father Shares Why He Supports Turner Syndrome Foundation

From a Father’s Heart

Father and Daughter

A Father Shares Why He Supports Turner Syndrome Foundation

Sam is the father of Amanda, a college bound young woman. Sam knows first-hand that being equipped with Turner Syndrome support and knowledge makes a great difference for girls and women with Turner Syndrome and their caregivers. He also knows that Turner Syndrome Foundation works everyday to make these resources available to everyone. Read Sam’s letter below.

“She amazes me. She is one of a kind!”  I am speaking of my youngest daughter, a college bound high school senior. She appears personable, energetic, compassionate, and very focused. But, it was not always that way. We were fortunate to meet a group of women with TS who forewarned my wife and I to be honest with our daughter and to have open lines of communication about her condition. This in fact was very good advice. We were met early on with her certain moxie and curiosity.

  • Why do I have to see so many doctors?
  • Why DO I HAVE this problem? 
  • Will I ever GROW?
  • Most painful for us to process was her lament, WHY ME?

The response to the “Why me?”  was a resounding, why NOT you? You are here and we love you JUST AS YOU ARE. We approached these concerns with sensitivity and a resolve that everything would be fine. She would work hard to overcome difficulties, and we were equally committed to her health and achievements, and that life would go on, and it has.

I encourage you to join me in generously supporting this cause. We all want to know we did something to help make life better for our children. I firmly believe in this mission because my daughter is counting on me to stand behind her to help find a way through Turner Syndrome to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. With support from our friends and family, this is possible.

Warm regards,

Sam Fasciano

Give now to TSF’s Annual Appeal to help Sam make the future brighter for his daughter and to improve the lives of all women and girls with Turner Syndrome.

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