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Looking for a way to support the Turner Syndrome Foundation in your daily life? We are proud to partner with Amazon to make that possible! AmazonSmile is an amazing initiative that donates 0.5% of your purchase on the website to TSF. There are no extra costs, and the products are all the same, but your purchase will benefit a nonprofit organization that you believe in and want to support. These days, many people use Amazon regularly for their purchases, and the small amounts of money donated will add up, providing extra funds to TSF to provide free services to the people who need them the most.

Signing up is quick and easy! Simply go to smile.amazon.com, sign in with your Amazon account, and choose Turner Syndrome Foundation Inc. as the organization you would like to donate to. Then whenever you want to buy something on Amazon, go to the same URL of smile.amazon.com and you will already be signed in to donate to TSF. Just make sure that when you are on the website the logo in the top left corner says “AmazonSmile,” and that’s how you know you are logged in to donate. Again, this is such an easy way to support TSF with purchases you would already be making.

According to The College Board, the average student spends $1,168 annually on books and materials, which would equate to a donation of almost $6.00. Forbes reported that the average parent spends $1,700 on Christmas shopping per year. If the gifts were purchased through AmazonSmile, TSF would recieve a donation of $8.50 for shopping you are already planning to do. In fact, the average Amazon Prime subscriber spends $1,300 per year on the website, according to Fox Business, equalling a potential donation of $6.50. While a few dollars here and there may not seem like much, when you add up the donations that would be accrued even if 100 Amazon Prime users made their purchases through AmazonSmile regularly, we would recieve an extra $650 annually! This money would empower us to offer more patient workshops and other services, support research, and more!

Please take a moment to visit amazon.smile.com to sign up, and we are so grateful to all those who make supporting the Turner Syndrome Foundation a part of their daily shopping. If you want to do more to support the initiative, visit https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/become-supporter/give-now/ to make a donation to the organization. All funds recieved are used to champion the mission and provide services to patients with a rare genetic disorder. Thank you in advance for your help! Sign up here

amazon smile makes a difference

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