Men’s Role in Women’s Health

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Girls are often talked to about female role models as an example of aspirations they can have. These are often women who have great achievements, who broke the glass ceiling, and who teach girls that they can do anything they set their mind to. They may also be women close to us who show exceptional character, and who have raised us with care and support. Yet, we do not often talk about the importance of male role models, which can be just influential in promoting the success of the rising generation of girls. As Katy Pollard, writer for The Guardian states, “I think we also need to make sure men understand the way they behave towards the women in their lives can mould them,” sharing that her father’s expectations and guidance gave her confidence to succeed.

An article shared three ways men can support women, including learning to listen, paying attention to injustice, and taking a stand. These goals go hand-in-hand with our “My Guy & Me” campaign highlighting the role of male caregivers in addressing Turner Syndrome, that many submissions have already articulated. One step is for men to pay attention to this issue, despite it being a women’s health concern. By listening and caring, men can show women that their concerns are also a priority. Additionally, men can come to understand the challenges women face from their perspective so they can be addressed more effectively in the future.

Paying attention to injustice also relates to Turner Syndrome, as injustice happens every day when a child is lost to the disorder, or when a woman cannot access the health care she needs. Men can notice these concerns and take a stand by helping to find resources to optimize patient care, and sharing this women’s health concern with others so research can advance. We have seen through the “My Guy & Me” campaign that Turner Syndrome girls have been supported by men in their lives, often fathers, husbands, uncle, brothers, sons, and friends. We are so grateful to each of these men who have shown their dedication to women through challenging times and who serve as a pillar of strength. Please continue to submit photos of your guy and you with a message about the role he has played in your life. This campaign will show that while Turner Syndrome is a women’s health issue, it affects men in profound ways as well.

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