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The Turner Syndrome Foundation is 100% funded by the generosity of our donors and by grants, which allow us to champion the cause of Turner Syndrome and assist patients. We would like to express our gratitude to those who have supported us financially, and who will continue to enable us to champion the mission and provide services with no membership fees. In the past year we have made strides towards our four main goals: education, awareness, advocacy, and research, and hope that we can generate even more momentum towards achieving these goals in the coming year.

Just about 65 percent of revenues received are geared towards advocating on behalf of Turner Syndrome patients to professionals, the community, and our world. We focus on increasing the understanding of this complex disorder affecting women’s health, answering commonly heard questions such as “What is Turner Syndrome, exactly?” A tremendous amount of resources and energy are applied to advocate and mainstream the condition. A major innovation of this year has been updating our website to be more informative and interactive, in turn raising awareness. The site is closely monitored and updated with the latest resources and information, and offers welcoming opportunities for people/agencies/organizations to become involved as  part of the solution.

Just about twenty percent of our income is expended on educational programs such as consumer materials, patient workshops, and producing resources and educational videos. Education is a critical part of our mission as we inform medical professionals on the needs of patients, and teach patients to understand their condition and about quality care practices. The last segment of funds, just over fifteen percent, was utilized for research initiatives which allows us to better understand Turner Syndrome and how to improve the quality of life of those affected. The development and evolution of our patient registry allows TSF to understand the many concerns of patients and caregivers. These concerns are often what drive us to support areas of research and resources that need more attention. Over time as support for this mission increases and the mission itself has advanced, TSF has increased its attention to research initiatives. In the coming year, we expect to continue on this trajectory.

In the season of giving, we give thanks as well as invite you to be a part of the collective action to make women’s health a priority and offer care to those affected by the disorder. We ask that you join the movement by giving a donation to the Turner Syndrome Foundation, funds that will be utilized to help the thousands of women, girls, and families affected by the disorder.

Your tax-deductible donation can be made as one-time or monthly gift, safely and securely online, by visiting https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/become-supporter/.  Mail your check payable to Turner Syndrome Foundation, PO Box 726, Holmdel, NJ 07733 or by calling for helpful assistance at (800) 594-4585. Thank you for making Turner Syndrome a part of your philanthropic giving.

To learn more specifically, please visit websites:

  • TSF Profile (https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/tsf-annual-report/)
  • Guidestar (https://www.guidestar.org/profile/27-1409942)


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