Making TS awareness a national priority. Sign the petition notify legislators.

Making TS a National Priority

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The Turner Syndrome Foundation urges everyone to take action by calling on their state legislators in order to make February Turner Syndrome Awareness Month.

Turner Syndrome affects 1 in every 2000 girls and causes health and developmental barriers. An ongoing issue is that many medical professionals are not aware of Turner Syndrome, so diagnosis is often delayed, but earlier diagnosis means the proper steps can be taken to intervene on its effects. Raising awareness of TS is a key step towards funding desperately needed research that will help advance the body of medical knowledge, as well as educate medical professionals to better diagnose and treat it.

A first step in raising awareness is to establish Turner Syndrome Awareness Month in February on a national scale. This has been done in New Jersey with the passing of bill AJR65 through ongoing activism efforts of those personally attached to Turner Syndrome. We can continue this momentum through collective action, and each voice that is raised to express an interest in TS will make an impact.

Please take a moment to complete our form below that will be sent to the legislators representing your constituency, urging them to make Turner Syndrome a priority. This will contribute to emphasizing the importance of medical research and valuing the issues faced by women and girls in our society. We thank you in advance for taking part in this movement!


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