Meet our Advocacy Coordinator, Liz Carmines

My name is Liz Carmines and I am thrilled to be the Advocacy Coordinator for the Turner Syndrome Foundation. I am a student in my senior year at Monmouth University, with a double major in Political Science and Sociology. I am involved with our school’s Sociology Club and Model United Nations Team, and I love to travel! Prior to working at TSF, I had never heard of Turner Syndrome before and was mostly looking forward to the professional experience this job would provide. However, after reading the materials on the website and talking to our Founding President, Laura Fasciano, I gained a passion for this cause. I have realized that just because it is not an issue known to the public, does not mean it is not important. It is troubling to know that 1 in every 2000 girls are affected by Turner Syndrome, but I am even more concerned about the fact that up to 99% of affected fetuses are miscarried. Knowing this information, and hearing stories of people who have been impacted personally has given me the drive to devote myself to raising awareness and gaining support for Turner Syndrome patients.

The focus of my work has been reaching out to legislators, business professionals, and other community members in hopes of broadening our network. Relations with legislators are important to pass a bill that would establish centers of care and fund research, so Turner Syndrome is given support structurally. Business professionals, specifically women, have the resources to give grants and share information with their networks, as well as organizing events to benefit the cause. Further, every community member can make a difference by giving a donation, raising funds, organizing a community event, becoming a volunteer, and so much more. Turner Syndrome has the potential to affect anyone in some way, so raising support for the disorder is everyone’s responsibility. I am here to provide you with the tools to support the Turner Syndrome Foundation, so please reach out to me if you are interested in making a difference in your community and in our world.


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