Nuestro Estilo Car Club Supports TS

Support comes in many forms and many places. This page is dedicated to our wonderful volunteer Jennifer, whose eagerness and determination to be a voice for her daughter has resulted in increased awareness of TS in her community, and significant support to this cause. We are thankful to Neustro Estilo Car Club for supporting Turner Syndrome Foundation. A bake sale at a car show and a community enjoined for a day of reflection and support.

Jennifer found out she was pregnant with her daughter at 18, and during the pregnancy her baby was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. Unfortunately doctors could only provide two options, either terminate the pregnancy, or allow the baby to pass away on its own. Jennifer chose to give it a chance, but unfortunately the little girl passed during labor.

After this traumatic experience Jennifer continued on, keeping her pain mostly to herself, before eventually having another little girl who has turned out perfectly healthy, and loves to hear about her big sister. Throughout this time, Jennifer also continuously researched Turner Syndrome wanting to know more about the condition, whether or not she could’ve done anything different to help her baby live, and to gain insight on what her daughter might have been like.

After several years, with her daughter as inspiration, and the support of family and friends, Jennifer decided she wanted to take action in the fight to bring awareness to Turner Syndrome by contacting the Turner Syndrome Foundation and hosting a very successful bake sale with the help of friends and family to raise money and awareness. Through her outreach, she received sponsorship from Nuestro Estilo Car Club, whom helped her host a successful event. She was pleasantly surprised that even though many people who came to the event had never heard of Turner Syndrome, they were more than happy to donate to the cause, and were able to sympathize with her, since some of them had lost a child even though it wasn’t necessarily related to Turner Syndrome. The fundraiser also helped her connect with a few others whose lives had been affected by Turner Syndrome.

Due to the event she has also become comfortable with sharing her and her daughter’s story, and explains that sharing it was probably her favorite part of the fundraising event. She is now very eager to help the TSF in bringing awareness to Turner Syndrome to give these girls a fighting chance, and show that they can lead healthy, fulfilling, normal lives.

On behalf of TSF, thank you Jennifer, Nuestro Estilo Car Club and all those who were part of this incredible community bake sale.  Your contribution has made a difference!   

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