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A Girl on a Mission

Jenna is a twelve-year old student at St. Raymond Elementary, a parochial school, located in Bronx, NY. She is a high-spirited student that illuminates with a natural talent of song and theatrical presence representative of any Broadway bound starlet.

Jenna is an only child of Doreen. She carefully watched and asked for guidance when she saw a dip in her daughter’s growth. But for years there were no answers. Eventually, Jenna was referred to a new team of physicians and received a diagnosis of Turner Syndrome. The labored diagnosis concerned Doreen and she became stirred to increase awareness. As for the impact from TS on her daughter, it has not hindered her enthusiasm or joy for living.

This family received a scholarship to attend the 2014 holiday party to benefit the Turner Syndrome Foundation. There, Jenna had an opportunity to meet our founder and other girls just like her.  This first encounter resonated with Doreen, and she spoke with her employer, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to have Turner Syndrome information broadcast through an interview on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) May 2015.
Watch the PBS Interview

Apparently, Jenna was tuned in! Now a student in seventh grade, Jenna wanted to raise awareness and support through a Treats and Sweets bake sale at her school. The request for a simple fundraising event soon became a full-fledged assembly program for faculty and students! The support of principal, Sr. Patricia Brito, and teacher, Mrs. Barbarite, were integral for Jenna to organize the event. The Turner Syndrome Foundation assisted Jenna by notifying individuals in the surrounding area about an opportunity to speak at the program. A number of women and girls attended and spoke at the assembly. A news reporter from Bronx 12 was there to film a segment that later aired on Optimum Network and was seen by thousands in NYC.

In conjunction with the school assembly, St. Raymond’s hosted a dress down day and the Treats for Sweets Bake Sale netting more than $3000 to benefit Turner Syndrome Foundation. It is a wonder to see such an outpouring of support for this young girl’s advocacy.

Jenna possesses a strong desire to create a greater understanding of Turner Syndrome. She courageously spoke openly about her diagnosis and brought other women and girls together in recognition and support for this cause.

We are so proud of you, Jenna!
“Jenna was inspired by you (Laura Fasciano) and the Turner Syndrome Foundation.  You have lead the way in creating awareness of the syndrome in many communities.  We also applaud you in getting these other amazing women and girls to tell their story. Jenna was thrilled to meet her Turner Sisters, as she calls them!” –  Doreen R., mother

“It was a pleasure to be part of this event and I’m so happy to have met such wonderful people!! Jenna has a lot of great role models to look up to!!” – Ms. Barbarite, 7th grade teacher“The event was an absolute success. Thank you so much for helping us all connect and for always bringing awareness to Turner Syndrome! I can’t thank you enough for making this happen and allowing my daughter with Turner Syndrome and I to be a part of it. Today has been life changing for us. She left the event feeling so empowered after being able to meet with these wonderful girls and share similar stories. Not to mention having Jenna in her new school is a blessing.” Mayreni, A., mother

“The event was a success and everyone had a good time. If there is ever another event in NYC please let me know because I would like to speak more about TS.” Samantha D.

Be like Jenna. Be our partner in advocacy for TS!

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  1. Jenna reading this really was so beautiful. I went to St. Raymond’s High School for girls graduated in 1989. On October 29, 2016 my granddaughter was born stillborn. The doctors diagnosed her when she was 5 months. They told us she was more than likely not to survive the pregnancy. We still hoped for our precious Aura. But, she passed. What you are doing is amazing!! There is no awareness out there. I live in Louisiana now and I would like to start raising awareness for Turners Syndrome. Because when we were told about it I had to research to get information. You are an inspirational young lady. Thank you 😊

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