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Youth Contributors


Social consciousness of Turner Syndrome is evident through our solid base of youth activists. TAKE ACTION and visit https://turnersyndromefoundation.org/volunteer/ to get involved.

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Meant to Live

Ivy was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at 16 weeks in utero. The doctors gave us no hope that she would live. But 20 weeks later, our little girl beat the 1% odds and came screaming into this world and she’s…

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Succeed in School

Every day two or more girls with TS are born in the United States. Resources are available to help these young scholars succeed.

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Turner Syndrome. Know the Signs.

Turner Syndrome. Know the signs. A list of Common Symptoms: Short statured Verbally gifted Learning issues Frequent earaches Delayed puberty ORDER A WINDOW DECAL FOR AWARENESS TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT SHORT GIRLS WHAT IS TS? SYMPTOMS DIAGNOSING

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Be the change you wish to see!

Champion the cause and plan for her future.

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